Network Security Connecticut

Ensuring that your network is protected against hackers and breaches is a complex undertaking and one that distracts you from running your business. With Tools 4 Data’s Network Security services, we’ll help you steer clear of the online threats that could compromise your sensitive data and bring your entire network down.

Network Security From Tools 4 Data Offers:

  • Employee training is the most basic and important security tools available to protect your business. Yet it is often the most overlooked tool. Our employee training program includes weekly training snippets and a quiz system that might take a user 5 minutes a week to complete. The business owner can now rate employee skills and assess the risk each employee presents to the business.

  • The dark web is in the news all the time. Most people don’t know what it is. It is the same internet that Google is on except that you need a special web browser to get to. That software allows all users and web sites to remain anonymous and untraceable. The perfect place for criminals. That is the reason we monitor the Dark Web. There are marketplaces, there where criminals trade data and stolen property such as your passwords, credit cards and medical card information. That stolen medical insurance card information is more valuable than your credit card into! Our system looks at thousands of sites daily to see if your name, email address, domain name or company name is listed. If it is, we let you know and help you resolve the issue.

  • Firewalls can take many forms. At your home or business it is likely what your Internet Service Provider setup when they connect you to the internet. While this may “technically” be a firewall it is wholly inadequate for business users, and high net-worth individuals today.
  • Today, a firewall needs to have additional protections that are updated nearly continuously. These protections should prevent traffic to dangerous countries such as North Korea. Why in the world would you knowing allow a user from North Korea to probe your network and why would you allow any software to communicate with the country?
  • These advanced services go a lot farther. They may block certain classifications of web sites like Pornography, Hacking Sites, known malware sites to name just a few.
  • Then they should have the ability to decrypt internet traffic to check the content for possible virus and malware contained within the data. As the Interest adopts more and more “HTTPS” traffic the likelihood that your next malware attack will come from an encrypted website increases daily.
  • And there are many more protections available from more advanced firewalls than the cable company will provide to you.

  • The single most common hack today is the malicious resume sent to you. Techniques exist today to compromise your computer without ever triggering your antivirus, even the best in breed antivirus. We need to stop this type of file from ever entering your network.
  • The second most common hack is the phishing attack. This is nothing more than a very cleverly designed email that attempts to trick you into thinking this is someone you know. They then attempt to talk you into doing something that involves sending money to you. Better that there types of emails are filtered before they get to you or your staff.

  • 3rd Party Software Patching almost seems like a “why bother” process until you realize that all those free products are great targets for the hacker. Adobe Reader has hundreds of known vulnerabilities and failing to keep that one product up to date can leave your company vulnerable.
  • By handling the patching of your 3rd party software we can also standardize your network so everyone is using the same products.

  • We are able to review all of the passwords used in your company and check for the use of simple and easy-to-guess passwords. In today’s connected environment this is a critical step for your security.
  • In addition we configure your systems to require complex passwords and force users to change them.
  • Then our training program arms every user with the knowledge of why passwords have to be secure, complex and changed regularly.

  • Tools 4 Data is Connecticut’s oldest Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner with more experience in the cloud than most. Our long-term experience allows us to configure cloud environments with the highest level of security available. Our customer environments are regularly audited and surveyed by independent experts.

  • Encryption: There is no excuse these days not to encrypt all of your data. Usually this can be done with the software you already have in place. It just hasn’t been configured for you. PC’s, Servers, Mobile Phones and Web Sites all have built-in ways to encrypt the data. Hardly anyone does this. We can take it a step further and encrypt your email as well through the use of 3rd parties who specialize in this. You may have used one of these services if you received medical information through an email that prompted you to go to a specialized web site to retrieve it.
  • Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM): Tools 4 Data offers our regulated customers an affordable solution to this level of monitoring. For a small monthly fee we provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week log and security monitoring through an independent Security Operation Center. This service is perfect for anyone who needs to meet the requirements of HIPAA, PCI and many others. This service starts at $500 per month.
  • HIPAA/PCI Compliance: We offer a monthly service to ensure you are continuously compliant with HIPAA, PCI and others. This affordable monthly service provides a complete managed compliance program which includes a compliance officer who will assist you anytime there is a need. This service starts at $300 per month.

  • Our customers benefit from our complete security suite by having a rugged and reliable security posture. However, we back that up with a very affordable Cyber Insurance program from Lloyds of London to protect our customers in the unlikely case of a breach. This insurance is available to any customer who adopts our base level of security protection.

Don’t risk losing your precious data and hard-earned business reputation. Get in touch with our experts today to start planning your comprehensive network security strategy.