Management Advisory Services

Supplementing Your Leadership Skillset with Fresh Ideas and Pro-Growth Consulting

Babe Ruth, the great slugger of the NY Yankees, once said, “Don’t be afraid to take advice. There’s always something new to learn.”

As in sports, the most successful people in business have been those who have learned to align themselves with coaches and consultants that can help improve their game.

The Tools 4 Data Management Advisory Services are designed to do just that – improve your chances of successfully tackling the next stage of your operational growth. Our consultants have spent decades providing valuable insight in boardrooms across the country, providing executive-level advice and strategies that have positive real-world impact.

The Benefits of Partnering with Tools 4 Data for Management Advisory Services

  • Access a knowledge base acquired over decades of high-level consulting.
  • Take advantage of expertise across a wide array of specializations.
  • View your company’s opportunities and obstacles from another perspective.
  • Find solutions to operational speedbumps and roadblocks.

Tools 4 Data Management Advisory – Technology PLUS Real-World Business Savvy

The Tools 4 Data team is unlike any others in the region today. Because of our background in building multiple businesses and advising the leadership of dozens of others over the years, we have a full stack of consulting specialties rarely found in a technology company.

  • DISC assessments and debriefing – Help you determine the fit of new hires within your organization or which current employees may work best with which responsibilities. Do you cycle through new employees in a certain position and you are not sure why they never really work out? A DISC assessment process may help you understand why and help you identify prospects that are best suited for the responsibilities of a given role in your organization
  • Team Building – Going beyond ineffective “team building exercises” to the heart of improving company culture and employee morale. We look at responsibilities, skills, decision authority and other complex factors to identify opportunities for lasting change.
  • HR Options – Our HR tools will become your go-to employee portal along with our Identity Provider will give your team a full Human Resources, payroll, and security control SYSTEM to prevent accidental or malicious access or configurations. Our payroll system will up your game through management of employees, certifications, benefits, etc.
  • Marketing Strategy – We can help you put together a cohesive marketing plan – Online, Print, Events, etc. Tools 4 Data does not provide or design marketing materials. We do not hold events for you. We work to develop metrics, business process and show you the tools you need to be using to maximize your marketing investment. Many of the items you need to monitor and report are free or extremely low cost. We show you how to leverage those tools and skills.
  • Website Strategy – Providing you with guidance and website/SEO best practices. Just one of the many components of the larger Marketing Strategy discussions are a great place to start your marketing discussions.
  • Accounting Systems Evaluation – Exploring accounting systems to ensure that you have the system that best fits your business and process needs. Do you know if your accounting system is limiting your ability to capitalize on sales opportunities. We see it all the time. A customer does not do “X” because their accounting system does not support it. Don’t let your system hold your business back.
  • Business Turnaround Consulting – Providing you with the tools and support needed to make progress in bringing your business back to full strength and profitability.
  • Compliance Training – Delivering end-user training (weekly, quarterly, annually) for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and other compliance standards.

We can help because we’ve been there! Start a conversation with our team by calling or sending an email. We’re here for you.