Managed Printing

Supply and Maintain Your Print and Scan Solutions with Ease

Many aspects of business communications and processes have gone digital, but there is still a place in the modern office for printing hard copies or scanning of everything from memos to reports.

No one wants to struggle with printer issues or lose time fighting with a machine – just to copy or scan a document.

It shouldn’t be complicated to print or copy, right?

Drivers – Toner – Maintenance – Integration with Computers and Applications

Let us save you time and frustration.

The Tools 4 Data team specializes in delivering seamless print solutions to offices of all types and sizes.

Choose the Option that Works Best for Your Budget and Operation

  • Lease a printer and pay per page for usage – all toner, setup, and maintenance included.
  • Buy a printer from us, and we’ll supply the setup, maintenance, and toner.

Could Staff and Others Who Access Your Printers Be Walking Out With Proprietary or Client Data?

The need for data security doesn’t lessen when it comes to printed data. Whether your data walks out the front door printed on 8.5X11 sheets of paper or a hacker pulls it from your system, it’s still gone and in the wrong hands.

Because our team works daily to help organizations lock down their processes and operations, we’re perfectly positioned to help you make sure that your print systems don’t become a data loss vulnerability.

To protect your data, we implement print monitoring and tracking options that identify any unusual printer activity that could be leading to data loss.

In addition, we work with you to determine what printers can be used by which users for legitimate business reasons and lock employees out of adding personal printers that could be used to print off your data in bulk offsite.

Cost-Effective, Scalable Print Solutions

Your business needs print and copy solutions.  Managed print solutions often appear expensive at first glance.  However, managing your own printers can be much more expensive in the long run due to the hidden costs associated with missing supplies, missed maintenance notices and other issues.  Often the signs of impending maintenance issues are ignored until you experience a print failure.  Ever run out of toner and have to wait to print?  Hidden costs include lost time and lowered productivity.  Other maintenance items, such as fuser life span don’t show up in the user screens but will show up in our managed print service. We’ll send in technician before the fuser reaches end of life and the machine shuts down.

By partnering with Tools 4 Data, you get predictable, scalable costs that are easy to budget.

Best of all, we’ll be able to supply you with reporting that shows the “who, where, and when” of your printing, so you can further control costs internally.

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