Infrastructure Services

Building Out and Maintaining a Robust Foundation for Your Organization

Recent worldwide events have proven the importance of having IT infrastructure that is of superior design, but that’s not the end of the story. Your operational infrastructure must also be secured against horizon-level threats and maintained for optimal efficiency.

The Tools 4 Data team doesn’t do cookie-cutter IT infrastructure, nor do we suggest infrastructure that is profitable for us – but not right for the client. As an early adopter of cloud infrastructure for our clients, we’ve led the way in the field since 2009.

The Tools 4 Data team doesn’t do cookie-cutter IT infrastructure installations.  Each of our clients have unique businesses with differing needs.  We will work with you to develop a system that will provide the reliability, flexibility and scalability that is right for your organization.  As an early adopter of cloud infrastructure for our clients, we’ve led the way in the field since 2009.

Every IT infrastructure project we undertake is underpinned by research and consulting with the key stakeholders within your organization. We build, secure, and maintain operational infrastructure for you that can not only handle your current workflow but is also positioned to scale with your growth easily and predictably.

Infrastructure Design

The vast majority of our clients are opting for cloud-based infrastructure because of its reliable, scalable, and secure nature.  Scalability is perhaps its single most attractive feature.  Scalability refers to its ability to grow in both the number of users it supports but, more importantly, in the number of features and functions that can be configured.  Although we can maintain and service on-site infrastructure, we encourage firms like yours to consider the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Tools 4 Data currently supports cloud infrastructure in the major, trusted public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and O365. We utilize hardware and networking partners such as Ubiquiti, Lenovo, and Fortinet to build out the local network experience.

Each of our engagements with clients needing infrastructure design and implementation is unique, and our full suite of IT skillsets is brought to bear upon the process. This comprehensive, multi-discipline approach puts us in the position to build out IT infrastructure that is both robust and flexible.

Infrastructure Security

Baking cybersecurity features into your network design instead of treating network protection as an “add-on” is critical to the eventual security posture of your network. Our team leverages cutting-edge IT security technologies such as Next Generation Firewalls, Application Whitelisting and AI driven Anti-malware solutions to deliver layered protection to your infrastructure, data, and workflow.

Because we often recommend implementing cloud-based workstations for your end-users, there can be very little on-site to go wrong. Each of your employees can securely access their applications and workflow through a supplied “thin client” workstation or via most internet-connected devices.

Infrastructure Management

Many network service providers offer remote access for troubleshooting.  Our approach is a little different.  We build remote management and service into your infrastructure design based on your needs.  Printers, routers, switches, access points, workstations, servers, and other devices on the network work together to provide 24x7x365 management.  Our monitoring service alerts us to emerging issues so that we can address most issues before they effect performance.  When an onsite service call is required, our knowledgeable and professional staff will respond quickly and address the issue, often without downtime.

Infrastructure Migration

There are generally 3 types of migration options: Step by step or “staged” migration, Disaster Recovery migration, and Live migration cutovers

We will help you to determine the migration path that is most appropriate for your goals, functional requirements, opportunities, and budget consideration.  We will present an implementation plan that addresses your unique considerations and include projected timelines and cost considerations along each step of the plan.

Migrating infrastructure into the cloud or building infrastructure in the cloud from the ground up allows our team to provide you with 24/7/365 remote infrastructure monitoring and management. You no longer need to worry about technicians coming on-site and disrupting your employees’ work. You no longer have to be concerned with how soon your on-site servers and computers will need to be replaced. We manage everything for you within the cloud environment – doing updates, upgrades, patches, etc., automatically, and efficiently behind the scenes – so you will have a seamless IT workspace experience.

The right infrastructure is the first step in taking advantage of digital transformation benefits. Email or call us to begin a no-obligation conversation about your infrastructure development, security, or management requirements.