HIPAA Compliance Connecticut

If your business is operating in the healthcare sector, failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in huge fines, lawsuits, and a sullied reputation. Tools 4 Data can assess and identify areas you need to improve in order to meet HIPAA requirements. We’ll guide you through the entire HIPAA Auditing Process, so you can have total peace of mind knowing your practice is fully secure and compliant.

Do you even know if you need to be HIPAA Compliant?

Most people who need to be HIPAA Compliant do not even know they need to be. HIPAA Compliance is classified into two different sections. Covered Entities which are organizations that provide medical treatment or payment, and Business Associates which are organizations that provide services to Covered Entities that involve Protected Health Information. There are over 5 million Business Associates that need to be HIPAA Compliant. Some examples of industries that need to be HIPAA Compliant are: Billing companies, Lawyers, Accountants, Device Manufactures, Consultants, Shredding, Call centers, Printing Companies, Doctors, hospitals, Dentists, Behavioral Health, Insurance companies, etc.

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How confident are you in your HIPAA compliance?

Anything less than full Privacy, Security, and Administrative audits with Policies, Procedures, employee training, and full tracking means that you are not compliant–we can help you get there. Schedule a consultation to see how The Guard addresses the full spectrum of HIPAA compliance.

How it works: Why The Guard is different!

The Guard developed by the Compliancy Group LLC is a simple and cost-effective web-based compliance tracking solution that satisfies HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus regulation. It is a total compliance solution that utilizes our three-step Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain methodology. This process reduces the complexity of managing compliance and provides a long-term solution that addresses all of your compliance needs.

Our HIPAA Compliance Services Allow You To:

  • Develop a sustainable HIPAA-compliance program
  • Mitigate data risks and prioritize your compliance efforts
  • Discover the patient data and files that need to be secured
  • Improve cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Compliance as a service

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Compliance Costs

Single Locations:
Starting at $400/month

Multiple Locations:
Starting at $500/Month for main location
+ $180/each additional location

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