Disaster Recovery Planning Connecticut

How quickly can your business recover from data loss and hardware failure caused by a major disaster? Tools 4 Data can create a comprehensive, step-by-step disaster recovery plan (DRP) that enables your business to function throughout a disastrous event, or bounce back quickly after one takes place.

Tools 4 Data’s DRP covers every part of your business:

  • Risk assessment – Determine where your risks are and how you can mitigate them.
  • Cost analysis – Understand the costs associated with disaster recovery so you can better prepare for the situation before it occurs.
  • Documentation – Develop a detailed, up-to-date DRP, accessible by everyone in your company.
  • Cloud backup – Create a backup of your critical business data and applications.

Let us help you create a disaster recovery plan that not only guides you during the actual recovery period, but also details actions that should be taken before a disaster strikes.