Co-Managed Services

Giving Your Internal IT Team the Tools and Support Needed for Organizational Growth

As organizations like yours begin to see operational growth, IT hurdles can hold you back. Your internal team is a group of hardworking, talented individuals, but the workload and tools needed as you scale can be daunting.

You need some IT help for the tedious, day-to-day management of your technology systems, so your internal staff can focus on business-critical processes.

That’s where the Tools 4 Data team steps into the picture.

We take the burden off your team by providing:

  • IT Systems Monitoring Services
  • Ticketing Services
  • Expertise in niche and emerging technologies
  • Tools that are not readily available to the small and mid-size internal IT department
  • Network and security management
  • Employee cybersecurity awareness and compliance training

Security, Security, Security

One of the major reasons that companies with internal IT staff partner with Tools 4 Data is to access the cybersecurity expertise of our team. Because we live in the cybersecurity space every day, we have the tools, specialized knowledge, training, and resources that are not available to general small business technology teams.  We maintain and monitor your IT systems with best-practice protocols and cybersecurity strategies.

The Business Advantages of Partnering with the Tools 4 Business Team for Co-Managed IT

  1. Access to products only available to qualified Managed Service Providers
    Such as CylanceProtect, Todyl, and Threatlocker.
  2. Access to insider training at industry only events and vendors
    These events often include military cyber security experts, equipment vendor expertise, and product/strategy presentations by corporate executives of leading technology firms.
  3. Access to worldwide peer group expertise to identify and evaluate custom solutions
    Our access to a peer group membership of over 5,000 Managed Service Providers gives us unprecedented access to an IT knowledge base not available to small internal IT departments.

Working With Your Internal IT Team

Our IT staff enjoy working with other professionals in the industry! Through our words and actions, we demonstrate that we aren’t here to replace your in-house IT staff, but rather, we’re here to support their heroic efforts. Our goal is to guide and coach to make your team superstars. Options for your team may include:

  • Providing a professional ticketing system for your team to track issues and their resolution. includes availability of periodic reporting so that you can monitor performance.
  • Delivering second and third level support to your team on the occasion when they are not able to be experts in everything.
  • Documenting and managing your environment using tools and technologies that are generally not available to small and midsize organizations.

Additional Assistance for IT Challenges

There are times when you need “all hands on deck.” Partnering with the Tools 4 Data team gives you access to a full roster of IT professionals with a wide range of specialties in high-impact business technologies. Whether you need to undertake a significant migration to the cloud or need extra assistance responding to an IT incident, Let Tools 4 Data back you up. When your internal IT team is stretched too far or needs specific expertise, we will step into that gap and help.

Ready for More Information? We’re here to help. Call or email us to begin a no-obligation conversation.