The Easiest Way To Unify Your Company Image

The Easiest Way To Unify Your Company Image


A problem companies often run into is Email signatures. This may seem like no big deal to some, but in reality, it is what people see before they see you. And in business, a first impression is everything. 72% of consumers prefer Email as their main source of business communications. With that being said, think about how many Email signatures you have seen that are either ineffective, or sporadically placed. What is the point of an Email signature if it doesn’t contain the information you’re looking for? Whether it’s a person’s phone number, rank in the business, or office hours, B2B professionals heavily rely on the validity of Email signatures. With Exclaimer, you can standardize your signature, advertise products and services, and ensure there is a legal disclaimer in every Email sent.

As a business owner, your image means EVERYTHING – especially in today’s society when so much is based on technology. Exclaimer allows you to standardize your Email signatures across people, and regardless of what device you’re on. This means that if you’d like your engineers’ signature to contain ‘A and B’ about them, and your sales and marketing signatures to contain ‘A, B, C, and D’ about them, you can do that all from Exclaimer. In addition, whether the recipient of the Email is on a MacBook, PC, Apple iPhone, or Android, the image and formatting of the Email signature will stay intact. Whether we want to believe it, or not, people make decisions based off looks and professionalism. A disheveled or disrupted Email signature looks sloppy and unprofessional making a potential client less likely to do business with you. Over something as simple as an Email signature!

With the New Year having just passed it has come to my attention that fellow business owners do not clearly state and broadcast their holiday hours, or their regular hours for that matter. With Exclaimer you have the ability to set up various office hours – for Holidays, special occasions, or (with winter in full swing) any delayed openings. Better yet, if you’re short for time like most people, you can take a few minutes and set all the Holidays to automate. For example, if you know your business will close early on Christmas Eve, and stay closed until after the first of the year, you can set the change to show a week before Christmas Eve, so there is ample time for people to see the change in office hours, and plan accordingly. Exclaimer lets you both schedule each signature change as well as change times on the fly.

Exclaimer gives you the freedom other signature management software’s do not. Imagine being able to convey product promotion or marketing messages with every Email. If you’re running a special on something or offering a free consultation to drive in more traffic, you can include that in a professional manor with every Email sent. If you’ve got your marketing messages covered already, that’s okay! Instead, you can create a legal disclaimer made from images, text and dynamic fields which will automatically be completed for each user and added to their Email. Keep yourself and your business protected! If there is an error in your content, even if it is unintentional, you could be left open to legal action. To help easily prevent that outcome, state in your disclaimer in every employee’s Email signature.

You will likely never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make that impression bright, professional, and promising with Exclaimer. It’s a low-cost, high-value business decision that will help organize, manage and control your Email signatures. Even from the cloud!

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