Does your Connecticut business depend on Managed Technology, Cybersecurity, and Compliancy to Grow and Thrive?

  • Have you struggled to understand your own information technology or how to use it effectively?
  • Do concerns about regulatory compliance like HIPAA and PCI keep you up at night?
  • Is your technology holding your business back from achieving your dreams?
  • Does your internal team lack the skills to take your business to the next level?

Many businesses, large and small, face similar problems.

At Tools 4 Data we work to understand your business, your way of doing things and your goals and dreams.  We guide a transition to efficient and profitable business operations by working with you and your team to educate and implement solutions to data problems.

All of our clients are owner-lead.  We know that making progress with efficiency and technology require an involved leadership team with goals and aspirations.  We understand profitability constrains and limits on what can and cannot be accomplished within a small business.  We work with you to nurture your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses to deliver profitability [employee satisfaction] to your business.

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5 Myths of Technology

The top 5 myths and how you will focus on
business growth and profitability by choosing Tools 4 Data

1. Technology is expensive!

Yes it is, but compared to payroll costs, it is a distant second fiddle. Today, complete network support in Connecticut will cost from $85 per user per month for low-end features to $250 and more per user per month for a powerful and effective system. Where do you fall in that range? If you say $150 per user per month is ridiculous, then you may not be using your technology to drive down costs and increase the effectiveness of your staff to increase profits. You also may not have enough evidence of how effective your technology actually is and what spending more might deliver. Perhaps you have the wrong relationship with your technology provider. We can help you with that through analysis, training and cost-effective new options.

2. Technology is complicated!

Yes, it is. And, not really. It’s both at the same time. How? It’s not complicated when you technology solves real business problems in a natural and effective way. When the technology solutions are natural, then efficiency and productivity increase. It’s simple. However, if you are asked to understand the bits and bytes, speeds and feeds, and asked to decide on option one or option two, it’s no longer simple. This isn’t a game show. I’m sure if you wanted to make technology decisions rather than focus on sales and marketing, you would be in our business. If you have experienced complicated technology then it’s time to think through who is leading this vital function.

3. My small business does not belong in the cloud!

We call this cloud phobia. It goes right up there with my data isn’t safe in the cloud, my business can’t possibly use the cloud as well as other excuses. We have found through years of experience that even very organized and well-funded networks are no match for the cybersecurity and the cost effectiveness of a cloud environment like Amazon Web Services. It is not rational to think that any small business can support a team of network cybersecurity and design specialists at the same level as AWS, Microsoft and others. Add in the flexibility, capital cost reduction and additional functionality available through cloud services and there is just no comparison with a bunch of computers in some back room of yours. We have been providing AWS cloud services to small business since 2009, before most computer companies ever heard of the cloud.

4. Regulatory compliance doesn’t apply to me and if it did it’s too expensive!

It’s almost a certainty that your business falls under some level of compliance requirement today. Sad but true. If you accept credit cards – your business has some level of PCI compliance. If your business delivers medical services or is a subcontractor to, a medical business including janitorial services, then you are regulated by HIPAA. Don’t panic – act. Through several different approaches we can guide you to affordable, compliance with HIPAA and PCI. You will find it relatively painless and compliance will actually help your business become more efficient and profitable. Yes, compliance can actually boost your company profitability and reduce your business risk ask us to prove it.

5. My own IT department just needs a little help!

It is likely that your IT department is not able to deliver the results you expect because they can’t access solutions that are “channel only” and they don’t have the experience of developing and managing information solutions in real time across many different industries. Like it or not, many solutions to network problems like backup, anti-virus, cloud services and software are only available to resellers like us. However, we believe companies with internal IT are at an advantage. Why? The internal business process knowledge that an internal IT department has can used to deliver deep change quickly and efficiently to your business. They often know better than the individual users what your process looks like and where it’s broken. The best way we can assist you is to share our process and our options with your team.

Total Technology Management

We guide you and your team to discover new a new appreciation for technology. We work with your team to expand your understanding of what you may have already, what is possible and practical in the marketplace and we implement practical and affordable solutions that boost productivity and profits.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us…

Consistency and Depth of Technical Knowledge

They always get to the bottom of any issue. Working with past IT firms, there was always a lack of personal service and consistency. With Tools 4 Data, you will be left feeling completely secure about your network.

Walter Congdon President
Fox Laminating Company 84 Custer Street, West Hartford

The one-stop-shop: Professional, Prompt and Knowledgeable

Having highly skilled people fulfill our entire IT function in a “one-stop-shop”. They are real partners in helping us build our business. Tools 4 Data has stronger networking capabilities and is able to remotely access any machine to fix issues. They also were able to put all our files, servers, programs and Windows Desktops in the Amazon Web Services cloud which provides us more security and resiliency.

I can’t recommend them enough! Having Tools 4 Data manage all of our IT needs frees up the rest of the organization to focus on our mission and help us be successful at what we do.

Spike Lobdell President
New England Science & Sailing 70 Water Street, Stonington

A Responsive Committed Partner

The biggest benefit in using Tools 4 Data is responding to our firms focus on cyber-security and privacy while also recognizing the speed and pace required by our very demanding Fortune 500 clients.

T4D’s willingness to learn and a desire to become a knowledgeable and meaningful partner capable of solving our IT problems expeditiously.

The founder of T4D has solid background in many areas of Information Technology coupled with a driven desire to keep our environment operating securely and reliably.

Greg Varelas General Manager
LectureLinx, Inc 758 East Main Street, Branford

Fast and Reliable

We have utilized the IT services offered by Tools4Data since 2008. They make our life easier now that we do not have to worry about having secure and efficient electronic communications with our funding sources, our clients, parents and the team members of the individuals we serve. Tools4Data can be reached anytime and they stick with the issue until it is resolved.

Lori Neumann Executive Director
Seabird Enterprises, Inc., 169 Thames Street, Groton

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