Data Backup Solutions Connecticut

Backing up data is the most important step in protecting your vital business information. With Data Backup Solutions from Tools 4 Data, your data is monitored and protected by best-in-class, disk-based backup technology — the safest backup method available on the market today.


Data Backup Solutions from Tools 4 Data are:

  • Fast – Data transfer and restoration is swift, thanks to our dedicated backup server.
  • Reliable – Multiple copies of your data ensure everything is restorable at a moment’s notice.
  • Secure – Backups are fully managed and monitored around the clock by our technicians.

Tools 4 Data gives your data continuous protection with no effort on your part, so your business will remain fully operational even if your main server were to crash.

  • AWS Cloud Backup
  • PC Backup
  • Image based
  • Files based
  • Off-site
  • Datto