About Us

John Ruffner

President, Tools 4 Data, LLC

John Ruffner founded Tools 4 Data in 2007. John is an award-winning speaker at Harvard Club of Boston speaking in 2018 to more than 130 entrepreneurs from 12 countries. Johns talk on business and personal Metrics inspired many in the audience. More recently has spoken in the Board Room at NASDAQ to the Million Dollar Accelerator entrepreneur group. His topic on current Cyber Security issues facing small business shocked Executives from around the world. He has been a leader in Amazon Web Services for 10 years and installed his first network over 30 years ago.

John’s initial business and technical training at The Pennsylvania State University led to a 25-year career as a corporate CFO. John has experience in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. In addition, he has also held technical training for Fortune 500 executives to educate them on software, computing principles and technology trends to assist these executives in better decision making.


John's Harvard Speech

We educate, experiment, dream, and deliver on the latest and industry best technology so that you don't have to.

Our Mission

Look beyond today's solutions, see what is missing or not working, and identify opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

Our Values

Initiative - Innovation - Intimate Technical knowledge - Courage - Commitment - Continuous Improvement - Integrity - Empowerment - Teamwork - Timeliness

Our Vision

We don't just solve business IT problems, we identify the situation that created the problem and resolve those issues, driven by our non-negotiable values.

Our Expertise

We excel at locating and implementing software and hardware that make businesses run more efficiently and effectively for a monthly fee.


the Tools 4 Data way

If you are currently heavily dependant upon technology or wondering how your IT could be better, our process of comparing your IT environment to our best practices and our use of internal business process and checklists delivers superior network performance at the least possible cost.

ask yourself the following questions


Are you looking to utilize technology to run your business more efficiently? Are you looking to provide remote access/connectivity in your company?


Do you have a backup and data recovery plan in place? When was the last time it was tested?


Are your users' workstations performing slower and slower, causing lost productivity and frustration?


Has a workstation completely stopped functioning? Is the Blue Screen of Death a routine part of the work day?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to talk with our team of technology specialists.