About Tools 4 Data, a Technology Solution Provider (TSP)

Tools 4 Data, LLC caters to small and medium sized businesses. We support your servers and PCs, laptops and mobile devices with a dedicated help desk with full remote access to fix any issue. We take the headache away from business owners who rely on IT to run their business. We offer a unique perspective on technology costs and results and business leaders are well served to learn our approach. Whether a business works with us or not, we will change the way they look at technology support and services costs. That alone is why so many companies meet with us.

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Who We Service

Typical clients are any business that has between 5 and 150 employees who need computers and to be connected to a server which may include work-from-home capabilities and strong data security. An insurance agency, a construction firm, a nursing home, accountants and small towns' infrastructure are all great examples of industries we serve.

What We Are

We are a TSP or "technology solution provider" meaning that clients pay a monthly fee for unlimited helpdesk access, a virtual Chief Information Officer, network administration which monitors network configurations against over 1000 Best Practices, and centralized services which keeps systems secure and running flawlessly with hardware monitoring to ensure a server or workstations doesn't go down in the midst of a huge project and monitoring of Internet connections, software licensing and most peripherals to keep everyone functioning.

What We Offer

We offer a friendly, individualized, hassle-free process that allows a business to effortlessly switch over from an in-house IT department or an existing TSP to flawless network operations and IT support you deserve.

The Strategic Roadmap

We are productivity-focused technology experts and we evaluate the technology-based risks to your operations, we assess your current systems and processes in all areas such as automation/data entry, policy/compliance management, disaster recovery/business continuity, sales and marketing technology, technology budgeting, standardization of hardware/software, and physical and electronic security. Plus we inventory and document the technology assets your organization currently owns and prepare a plan to include recommended actions and projects, prioritized by business value and risk.

The Ideal IT

To imagine an engagement with Tools 4 Data as your IT department, you have to rethink how outsourced IT relationships work. We provide a remarkably different experience for our clients because you want services built around people instead of technology, you care a whole lot more about productivity, cost-savings, and happy customers than Ethernet LAN interfaces and the latest version of Windows, and you need strategic foresight. We start with your people’s productivity, not just your company’s IT, we package and price our solutions per person, not per device, and we create a clear IT plan. We focus on preparing for future growth rather than spending our time repairing what we’ve got, we identify if/when/how you should be using cloud applications in addition to or in place of current infrastructure, we move you beyond simply knowing you have backups running to having a full disaster recovery plan in place, and we understand the desire for a more mobile workforce.

Trust and Accountability

This is a tough one. Anybody can talk a good game. But trust is built over time. Yes, we have solid processes in place to promote accountability (such as frequent customer satisfaction surveys and regular business reviews). However, as important as these processes are, they’re not really how trust is built. Trust only comes from knowing people well – people like your colleagues and your neighbors. That’s one reason we’re so invested locally. We live, work, and play  in the neighborhoods we serve. We’re heavily involved in the Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations. We know the community. The community knows us. So even if you don’t know Tools 4 Data yet, one of your neighbors probably does. . .